We know what is good for us! Why don’t we always follow through with it?

You might have noticed that changes often take effort and some changes take a bit more effort than others but once habits are formed then everything is easier. This is because there are parts of us that don’t feel comfortable with change and growth. If it was up to them we would sit in front of a TV, having pizza all day long because the couch is comfortable and pizza is comfort food. But a comfortable life does not equate to a happy or a meaningful life. As a matter of fact the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most important spiritual [...]

We know what is good for us! Why don’t we always follow through with it?2019-02-16T04:56:00+03:00

Why is there suffering?

In Yogic science suffering is the result of ignorance. The human being is not in touch with reality. Reality is veiled by the senses, habitual patterns, energy blockages, belief systems that no longer work for the being. As a result human beings acting from a place of ignorance make mistakes thus creating karma and suffering happens. More specifically in our times many yogis argue that the whole planet is undergoing massive changes by leaving Kali Yuga and entering Dwapara Yuga, a dark era to enter in a more enlightened area. This creates polarisations inside and outside of us. In the same [...]

Why is there suffering?2019-02-16T04:33:30+03:00
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