Our motivation

We want to live meaningful lives that have positive and significant impact on others. Through Conscious Yoga Academy we are given the opportunity to serve others and satisfy a wide range of their needs in the best and most harmonious ways. From the most basic needs such as the one for shelter, during the teacher trainings we offer clean and comfortable rooms, to nutrition through offering healthy Mediterranean meals using Farm to Table approach whenever our vegetable garden allows it mixed with superfoods and super herbs and bringing together ancient Yogic principles with modern established techniques such as intermittent fasting.

We also make sure that participants have the opportunity to connect with nature, to absorb the healing energy of the sun, and the cleansing effect of the turquoise waters of the sea.

We receive acknowledgement through reading guest reviews that have left with genuine gratitude, new ways to see things and new tools to take their life experience to a next level.

We connect with like minded people from all over the world. We learn their stories, what they are all about and we love to keep in touch and see how people change when we see them again.

We grow. Most importantly Conscious Yoga Academy is about personal growth. Self-realization being the highest and most subtle need of all, as we help others self-realise we flourish alongside them and enjoy offering service in this high-minded way.