Video Testimonials

“The whole experience far surpassed my expectations. The quality of the training was absolutely excellent. The instructors are very knowledgeable, high vibration beings that are so kind and funny. They were available to us all the time for questions and concerns.”


“I loved the details of alignments, the guidance and the support we received. I would recommend it 100%, idyllic location, excellent inspirational teachers. The perfect location to grow in mind, body and spirit.”


Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to grow and find my confidence in teaching. Most importantly, thank you for giving me the next step in my spiritual growth!


Definitely recommend! Valuable instruction and training from highly skilled yoga teachers and meditators in an idyllic setting. Amazing, healthy food. Beautiful resort, simple and clean accommodation in a traditional Greek style. High vibration environment..


A magical, life changing experience! Thank you for giving me the skills and confidence to find the teacher inside, but more importantly for opening the door to the next step on my spiritual journey. Thank you for providing a safe haven of our transformation and growth and for setting an example of how an ethical business is run.


This training had Great teachers, great energy with clear explanations and amazing teaching in general. It helped me to heal my heart.


I loved the meditations they offered and the emphasis on consciousness. The food was delicious as well. Clean, beautiful rooms overlooking the sea. Dreamy location for a yoga training, quiet and peaceful.


I loved the focus on consciousness, meditation, chakras and brining back the purpose of yoga back to our path and self-realisation. Also the location, food, number of people, the excursions, the movies and the music.


I think this is what the world needs right now. More processes and trainings like this that will help us raise our consciousness and connect with our full potential.


I loved the teachers, how holistic the training was and my time there. I am planning to go back there soon.


My time at this training helped me to release old patterns, thoughts and feelings and to be free, happy and more conscious. I am so glad it happened there, and thanks to the teachers I felt totally safe and protected. I am so thankful and grateful for the support from them and the way they handled this situation is amazing. I am going back today and feel free, happy, relieved and calm.


This training got me excited about the potential that is there for my growth and I would love to be more involved with what is happening at Conscious Yoga Academy.