Conscious Yoga Academy is an international organisation with a global message and a global reach with participants from all over the world. As such it is in constant search for ideal locations and venues in different geographies. In the meantime the majority of trainings takes place at Kathy’s Island Retreat.

Why Kathy’s Island Retreat?

Kathy’s Island Retreat offers the ideal ground for Yoga and Conscious Yoga Teacher Trainings. The unique energy of the area supports the process of establishing oneself in inner peace, the removal of unnecessary burdens and limiting beliefs. Kathy’s Island Retreat is located in Adia, on the west coast of Karpathos, nestling at the foot of a mountain reaching down to the beautiful Aegean sea, surrounded by pine trees and Bougainvillea and with magnificent views of the coastline. Adia is a quiet place on the island, situated approximately 25 minutes’ drive from the airport and about 35 minutes’ drive from the main capital of the island, Pigadia.

Why Karpathos?

Karpathos is a unique Greek island which is served by a great deal of direct flights from many different parts of the world, excellent connection flights from Athens but at the same time it is a hidden gem, with raw beauty, pristine beaches and remains to a great extend unexplored by most. Karpathos covers an area of more than 300 km2, and is the second largest island in the Greek Dodecanese group in the south east Mediterranean. The island is situated right between Rhodes and Crete. It is a mountainous island with deep valleys and tops offering panoramic views all around the island. The climate gives hot summers with temperatures of 30 degrees and mild winters with an average temperature of 16 degrees. During winter and spring, the island is covered in green grass and flowers of all colours.

How to get there?

Depending on where you come from, there are direct charter flights from more than 10 different countries in Europe. If you need a connection flight there are several direct flights from both Athens and Rhodes, on a daily basis throughout the summer. Both Olympic Air, and SkyExpress, will take you down to the island.